Our Platform

The Republican Party is the Grand Opportunity Party — we are the party of a stronger and freer America!

We work to promote the ideals that our country and party were founded upon: freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and accountability.

As Republicans, we fight to:


Win the War on Terror

Ensuring that Americans remain safe, terrorists are defeated, and democracy flourishes in the world

Restore the American Dream

Creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream

Strengthen our Communities

Preparing students for success in life by bringing the benefits of education reform to local schools

Strengthen our Families

Protecting the sanctity of marriage and the rights of the unborn.

Reduce the Size of Government and Streamline the Bureaucracy

Fighting for individuals’ rights in opposition to a large, bloated government

Law & Order

The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens and maintain law and order. 

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Famous Philadelphia Republicans

“All that he asks is, that there shall be no unmanly quibbles about entrusting to him any position of honor or profit for which his attainments may fit him. And that which is committed to him as a man, he will perform as no other than a man could perform.”

Octavius V. Catto

“All the aftermath that so frequently follows in the wake of war still confront the nation, and we now, as ever before, must hold fast to the ancient landmarks and see to it that all of these plagues that threaten so mightily shall be rendered harmless.”

Alexander Henry  Republican Mayor of Philadelphia during the Civil War

Beth Grossman for DA

Crime doesn’t care where you live or to which political party you belong; nor does Beth. What Beth cares about is restoring integrity and the public’s trust in the District Attorney’s Office and improving public safety and quality of life for all Philadelphians.  This includes ensuring that cases are prosecuted fairly, justly and ethically, victims and survivors of crime are treated with compassion, and sentences sought are fair and appropriate.  Under Beth, the District Attorney’s Office will uphold our laws while safeguarding the constitutional rights of all people.

For over 21 ½ years, Beth served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. She proudly served in every division of the office, including Trials, Juvenile, Law, Investigations and Narcotics.

In April of 2015, Beth resigned from the District Attorney’s Office to become Chief of Staff at the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections, where she gained experience in overseeing and managing a large city department.  During her tenure there, Beth oversaw the implementation of new demolition contractor license legislation and requirements to ensure that incidents like the demolition tragedy that occurred at 22nd and Market do not happen again.  At Licenses and Inspections, Beth also worked with city agencies including the Commerce Department in addressing public nuisances and improving residential and commercial corridors.

Beth is now in private practice, representing individuals in both civil and criminal cases.

Learn More At: https://friendsofbethgrossman.com/

Mike Tomlinson for City Controller

Mike’s first job after graduating from college was in the insurance industry with Presbyterian Minister’s Fund (subsequently acquired by Nationwide Insurance Company). During his 10-year tenure he was an Accounting Intern, Internal Auditor, was promoted to Director of Audit and ultimately, Assistant Controller.   Mike took his experience and moved to Keystone Insurance Company where he was an Accounting Manager. He managed accounting, financial reporting and corporate compliance.   Mike was then recruited by Philadelphia Insurance Companies where he was hired as Controller. He managed and directed the department responsible for all activities relating to the accounting, financial reporting, internal audit and investment functions of the company. Mike reported directly to the President of the company and Board of Directors.   Mike’s next move was to Prudential Insurance Company as a Management Internal Control Specialist in the legally mandated, newly formed unit. He reviewed, assessed and identified controls to ensure compliance with state insurance laws.    Mike took some time off from the private sector and used the vast experience he gained to teach Math and Accounting and Finance classes in the Philadelphia School District where he was a member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Union.   Mike then returned to the private sector as an Independent Consultant, traveling both nationally and internationally primarily focused on audits of corporate financial statements, internal controls and operations.    He was a candidate for State Senate in 2012 and a candidate for State Representative in 2014. Both of his opponents, now Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack and State Rep Mike Driscoll, publicly complimented him on a well-run campaign and his awareness and understanding of the issues.   He is currently a tax accountant.