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Timeline: McGinty Ignores Ethics in Quest for Power

            Katie McGinty’s time at the helm of our state’s Environmental Department was known primarily for her funneling of taxpayer money to firms that employed her husband – actions which resulted in a rebuke from a Pennsylvania ethics-committee and our state’s Supreme Court. Unsurprisingly, her approach to governance – enrich herself and her allies, while claiming to advocate for working families – has played out through her many attempts at nabbing statewide office, most recently in her Senate campaign.

Take-Aways from Primary Day: Philly GOP Energized, and More

Philadelphia Republicans came to the polls in droves yesterday, casting more ballots in a primary than ever before. Republicans cast 43,000 ballots in our city, more than the sum of the last two presidential primaries combined. 

“Republicans in Philadelphia are growing and energized,” said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. “We have over four thousand voters who switched from being Democrats this year. We more than doubled the number of ballots cast compared to the last election cycles. Despite the negative media narrative, our national ticket will over-perform in Philadelphia and our other major cities. The GOP is on the rise in this city.”

Fattah or Evans? Corruption Wins in 2nd Congressional

            Whether incumbent Chaka Fattah or challenger Dwight Evans emerges with the most votes in the 2nd Congressional Democratic primary on Tuesday, the winner will be clear: influence peddling, corruption, and politics-as-usual.

Fattah Indictment: Cultural of Corruption

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Arrogance of Incumbency Led to Culture of Corruption

Congressman Chaka Fattah Just another Democrat to Betray Trust of Philadelphians



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