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Disgraced Former AG Kathleen Kane Sentenced to 10-23 Months in Prison

FOR leaking confidential grand jury materials, perjuring herself with professional zeal, and poisoning the State Attorney General’s office with a suicide-bunker mentality, Kathleen Kane deserves a hefty prison sentence and to never be seen in public eye again. She is truly a disgrace to the office she held and the good people who enforce the law in our state.

Op-Ed: Dems' Plans for Soda Tax Involves Lining their Own Pockets

Is Hillary Guilty? The American People Say Yes

"It was a foregone conclusion that President Obama, who has served as among the most divisive Commanders in Chief in American history, would use his clout to protect presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton no matter her guilt," said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. "James Comey's statement which blasts Hillary but declines to recommend prosecution is a classic example of Doublethink: all of the words would indicate prosecution, but the political pressure means that he has declined to recommend it.

Chaka Fattah Convicted: Resign Your Seat!

          This afternoon Congressman Chaka Fattah become the second member of his immediate family to be convicted of corruption charges, after a jury found him guilty of misusing federal funds and campaign contributions to pad his own wallet.  

Republican James Jones Is Not a Career Politician

When corrupt career politician Dwight Evans unseated corrupt career politician Chaka Fattah in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District, we stood up and said plainly: A new corrupt face replacing an old one does not serve the voters in the district. Now, the clown-car continues to trundle down the road to November 8th, as disgraced also-ran Milton Street threw his hat into the ring as an independent yesterday.


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