STATEMENT: Lawless Larry goes lenient on Rizzo statue vandal

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PHILADELPHIA–March 29, 2018–The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Wednesday that charges against a former mayoral candidate, accused of vandalizing the statue of former Mayor Frank L. Rizzo, are expected to be dropped.

“This is the first of many cases we expect to see deemed ‘insignificant’ by the Philadelphia DA’s office under its new Commander-In-Chief, Larry Krasner. This particular case is troubling because it excuses the destruction of another’s property for ideological grievances that are very personal to the defendant; thus, setting a precedent that vandalism and other illegal acts are excusable when associated with a ‘certain’ political agenda. This is a very bad message to convey to the citizens of Philadelphia, who need leaders able to unify them, not divide them further,” said Michael Meehan, Chairman, Republican Party of Philadelphia.



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