1/18/18: Rally for law & order, victims of crime and safer communities

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City leaders, especially the newly sworn in DA, must put safety BEFORE politics and recognize that bringing criminals to justice is NOT to be impeded by social experiments

Who: The Republican City Committee of Philadelphia and every city resident, elected official or candidate for office looking to put safety before politics and social experiments.

What: The Republican City Committee of Philadelphia invites Philadelphia residents, elected officials and candidates for office to join them outside City Hall for a rally calling attention to the serious issue of safety within our local communities.

During calendar year 2017, Philadelphia experienced a 14% increase in homicides. Immediately following his swearing in, DA Larry Krasner fired experienced homicide prosecutors. Krasner attributed this unnecessary loss of institutional knowledge–which delayed court proceedings and resulted in an accused on house arrest being let go–to ideological grievances with the prosecutors in question.  

Larry Krasner should understand that Philadelphians want a DA’s office, first-and-foremost focused on safe streets and bringing swift justice to victims and their grieving families. The last thing the citizens of Philadelphia want is a lead prosecutor who prioritizes the cultivation of radical political movements over the prosecution of criminals.

When: 1/18/18, assembly time is from 3:30 – 4 pm and rally time is from 4-5 pm.

Where: City Hall, South side, next to the Octavius Catto statue

Why: Safer communities benefit everyone, even the local economy. Children should be able to play outside, free from the fear of being harmed. Business owners should be able increase profits, grow and flourish into neighboring communities, without the fear of what goes on outside their doors affecting their bottom line. New residents and businesses who can help the city to grow in the right direction, should feel encouraged to migrate here by lower crime rates and higher quality of life standards.



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