Philly GOP: Three days in office and Larry Krasner is already ignoring victims

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PHILADELPHIA–January 5, 2018–Philadelphia closed-out the year with 317 homicides, 14% more than the previous year. Larry Krasner, opened his tenure as Philadelphia’s next District Attorney by firing homicide prosecutors, one of whom was scheduled to begin a trial on Monday.

“It is unconscionable that within 3 days of assuming office, and in the midst of a significant increase in murders, that Krasner would begin his tenure by firing homicide prosecutors. One of which, reports, was scheduled to go to trial on Monday. What kind of representation are this victim and their family expected to receive? A leopard doesn’t change his spots, that’s for sure. In what we might expect, from a defense attorney who made made a career out of suing the police, Krasner places victims on the back burner from day one. I know that to the victor goes the spoils, but in less than 96 hours, the fate of 5 percent of the office has been determined. No consideration was given to upcoming trials and the resulting effect on victims and survivors,” said Michael Meehan, Chairman of the Republican Party of Philadelphia.

The Inquirer reports that dozens of more prosecutors have been fired without much explanation. One anonymous source who was asked to leave without much explanation is quoted within their coverage remarking, “You can’t take away that much institutional knowledge and some of the best prosecutors in the city and think that some of the most dangerous people won’t go free.”


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