Philly GOP Statement: City Officials Unsure if 33 Million Dollars is Missing From City Accounts

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PHILADELPHIA —Last Thursday the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that city officials were trying to figure out if $33.3 million is missing from the city’s main bank account. Chairman Michael Meehan issued the following statement:

 “Coming on the heels of Mayor Kenney asking the city’s homeowners to shoulder a property tax increase we find out he does not know how much money is or should be in the city’s bank accounts.

 “The tax-and-spend policies of the far-leftists who have run this city for too long are hard enough to swallow on their own; to hear that the city has not even been adhering to standard bookkeeping practices is enough to make hard-working citizens sick. Philadelphia‘s elected Democrats are once again a headlining embarrassment.

 “Let us not forget to add that taxpayers will also be asked to foot a bill to hire expensive accounting consultants to investigate and report on the funds. This is information which should be monitored effectively internally by city employees who are paid hefty salaries.

 “I do think its commendable that the new City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart discovered the failure to reconcile city accounts and I would encourage her to keep looking into these and related matters at length. That being said, a $33 million omission, while small in proportion to the entire operating budget, is inexcusable!

 “Citizen outrage over this should be considerable and the most effective way for them to convey this to city leadership is every time they step into the voting booth.”



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