Philly GOP: Lawless Larry Krasner hires radical activist arrested at the 2000 RNC

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PHILADELPHIA–January 29, 2017–In a move to further embed defiance of federal immigration law into the District Attorney’s office, radically left District Attorney, Larry Krasner has hired Caleb U. Arnold to serve as inaugural immigration counsel. Arnold is familiar with being under the scrutiny of law enforcement, having participated in radical activism for years, once arrested at the 2000 Republican National Convention for protesting the death penalty. Arnold has been employed specifically to assist Krasner in being sure that there is no cooperation between the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office and federal law enforcement in the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of non-violent crimes.

“The layers of lawlessness here are unreal. You have a radical leftist activist, who has been previously arrested, hired to be sure that documented criminals aren’t further subjected to the federal laws governing their immigration status. It is enough to make your head spin. Krasner is setting a precedent for dangerous levels of relativism that further erodes Law & Order in a city subject to some of the highest crime rates in the country, in all crime categories.

Citizens need to voice their concerns directly to the office before it’s too late, and we see the consequences of this weak leadership, which at their worst could cost lives and at their least will reduce hard-working people’s property values,” said Michael Meehan, Chairman of the Republican Party of Philadelphia.

Contact the DA’s office by phone to let them know you are concerned about what is going on: 215-686-8000


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