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Philadelphia's 197th: Let's Win a Third Seat!

We are less than four weeks away from our chance to win a THIRD seat in Philadelphia -- right in the heart of Democratic territory! CHIP IN below and help send Lucinda Little to Harrisburg from the 197th district on March 21st.



On behalf of the Philadelphia Republican Party, we welcome you. 

We're dedicated to challenging the corruption, cronyism and complacency that have held our city back through decades of one-party rule. 

Please see some of our blog posts below, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and add your name to our email listserv to your right for engaging updates on what we're up to. Finally, consider supporting our efforts and making a donation. Even a small donation will allow us to finally give voters a choice and challenge one-party rule in Philadelphia. 


Jim Pio Endorsed by City Councilman Brian O'Neill

From: Ross Wolfe <>
Date: Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 9:53 AM

McGinty and City Dems Birds of a Feather

Philadelphia Republican Party


Contact:          Joe DeFelice



Birds of a Feather


Pio on School District Plan

Metro: State Rep Martina White on Sanctuary City

State rep defends anti-sanctuary city bill against accusation of 'hate'

 Pa. state rep. Martina White is on the defensive a week after she introduced legislation aimed at ending the practice of "sanctuary cities" in the state and got herself an earful of criticism. White says she is just standing up for her constituents.

Pension Crisis

Philadelphia Republican Party

Contact:          Joe DeFelice



City Republican Party Urges Action on Looming Pension Crisis



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