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Philadelphia's 197th: Let's Win a Third Seat!

We are less than four weeks away from our chance to win a THIRD seat in Philadelphia -- right in the heart of Democratic territory! CHIP IN below and help send Lucinda Little to Harrisburg from the 197th district on March 21st.



On behalf of the Philadelphia Republican Party, we welcome you. 

We're dedicated to challenging the corruption, cronyism and complacency that have held our city back through decades of one-party rule. 

Please see some of our blog posts below, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and add your name to our email listserv to your right for engaging updates on what we're up to. Finally, consider supporting our efforts and making a donation. Even a small donation will allow us to finally give voters a choice and challenge one-party rule in Philadelphia. 


Liberal Misogyny Alive and Well at McGinty HQ

            While Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign has been busily recycling stale party lines of Republicans’ “War on Women,” her campaign chair, former governor Ed Rendell, sounded off on “ugly women” voters in our state today: “There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.” Rendell, not himself renowned for his looks, seemed to display not a hint of self-awareness as he criticized Donald Trump for comments on women’s looks by

Letters: Which Kenney? The big spender

During last year's election, many people wondered, "Which Jim Kenney are we going to get?" It's five months into his administration, and now we know: the fiscally irresponsible one.

Take-Aways from Primary Day: Philly GOP Energized, and More

Philadelphia Republicans came to the polls in droves yesterday, casting more ballots in a primary than ever before. Republicans cast 43,000 ballots in our city, more than the sum of the last two presidential primaries combined. 

“Republicans in Philadelphia are growing and energized,” said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. “We have over four thousand voters who switched from being Democrats this year. We more than doubled the number of ballots cast compared to the last election cycles. Despite the negative media narrative, our national ticket will over-perform in Philadelphia and our other major cities. The GOP is on the rise in this city.”

NYT Compares Trump to Ex-Philly Mayor Frank Rizzo

Our Chairman, Joe DeFelice, was quoted by the New York Times in today's article comparing Donald Trump's style to that of Philly icon, ex-Mayor Frank L. Rizzo:


Fattah or Evans? Corruption Wins in 2nd Congressional

            Whether incumbent Chaka Fattah or challenger Dwight Evans emerges with the most votes in the 2nd Congressional Democratic primary on Tuesday, the winner will be clear: influence peddling, corruption, and politics-as-usual.


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