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Philadelphia's 197th: Let's Win a Third Seat!

We are less than four weeks away from our chance to win a THIRD seat in Philadelphia -- right in the heart of Democratic territory! CHIP IN below and help send Lucinda Little to Harrisburg from the 197th district on March 21st.



On behalf of the Philadelphia Republican Party, we welcome you. 

We're dedicated to challenging the corruption, cronyism and complacency that have held our city back through decades of one-party rule. 

Please see some of our blog posts below, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and add your name to our email listserv to your right for engaging updates on what we're up to. Finally, consider supporting our efforts and making a donation. Even a small donation will allow us to finally give voters a choice and challenge one-party rule in Philadelphia. 


Newsworks: Bailey: Philadelphia will not be a 'sanctuary city' if I'm elected [UPDATE]

By Brian Hickey

In the wake of a San Francisco homicide that sparked a heated immigration-policy debate, Republican mayoral candidate Melissa Murray Bailey declared that "Philadelphia will not be a sanctuary city" if she's elected.

Her statement was brought on by the case of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant with a felony record who has been deported to Mexico five times, and stands charged in the fatal July 1 shooting of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco.

Public Record: POLS ON THE STREET: Jim To Keep Sanctuary, Melissa Won’t! Could She Generate Vote?

by Joe Shaheeli

Has Donald Trump energized some of the American population by claiming illegal aliens are more prone to criminal acts than the aliens here legally? He’s especially targeted cities which have declared themselves to be “sanctuaries”, which means they will not detain illegal immigrants convicted of a violent crime and turn them over to the immigration authorities.

Daily News Letter to Editor By Exec. Dir. Joe DeFelice in Favor of School Choice

Give school choice credit

In response to your editorial titled "To Their Tax Credit," here is another example of the Democrats not letting an issue go to waste. Rather than focus on the the story, State Sen. Leach has used it to vilify Catholic and alternate education. School choice will further the educational opportunities for the residents of our city, but the Democrats would rather us just throw more money at problems than explore other avenues of education; many of which have been proven to work.

Joseph J. DeFelice

Daily News Letter to Editor in Support of Martina White

Kudos to GOP opposition

McColgan Casts Lone Dissenting PICA Vote Against Budget

Thanks to Republican Joe McColgan for being the lone dissenting vote againstthis budget .

Here is a link to the story


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