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Take-Aways from Primary Day: Philly GOP Energized, and More

Take-Aways from Primary Day: Philly Republicans Energized, and More

Philadelphia Republicans came to the polls in droves yesterday, casting more ballots in a primary than ever before. Republicans cast 43,000 ballots in our city, more than the sum of the last two presidential primaries combined. At the top of the ticket, Donald Trump dominated Philadelphia County, matching his statewide numbers with 57% of the vote. John Kasich and Ted Cruz received 21% and 19% of the vote respectively, Kasich slightly over-performing versus the state as a whole. We have many qualified delegates headed to the convention, and as the media has noted, they may be influential in choosing our nominee.

“Republicans in Philadelphia are growing and energized,” said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. “We have over four thousand voters who switched from being Democrats this year. We more than doubled the number of ballots cast compared to the last election cycles. Despite the negative media narrative, our national ticket will over-perform in Philadelphia and our other major cities. The GOP is on the rise in this city.”

            Elsewhere in the city, ethically-challenged Democrats emerged victorious. Dwight Evans unseated scandal-plagued Chaka Fattah as the Democratic nominee in the second congressional district, swapping out one corrupt face for another. Katie McGinty, whose tenure heading our state environmental department included an ethics probe that reached our State Supreme Court, won a bitter Senate primary due to significant establishment support. And more locally, State Rep. Vanessa Brown (D-190), who is on trial for pocketing thousands of dollars from a fake lobbyist, and State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-1), the subject of an FBI probe for misusing campaign funds to pay off a political ally, both coasted to victory.

            Republicans are fielding an exciting, young, and diverse roster of candidates across Philadelphia this November. State Reps. John Taylor and 27-year old Martina White are seeking re-election, and will hopefully be joined in the Majority Caucus by State Rep. nominees Jim Pio in the 172nd, Billy Pounds in the 194th, Latryse McDowell in the 200th, and Ross Feinberg in the fifth State Senate district. Dr. Debbie Williams is challenging establishment boss Rep. Bob Brady in the first congressional district, and James Jones, a veteran and business owner, will seek to restore accountability to the office of Congressman in the scandal-plagued second congressional district. Our candidates reflect the makeup of a growing, urban Republican party. Finally, we’re energized to take back the White House and defend incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey against perennial candidate Katie McGinty. 

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