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Statement on SEPTA Strike

Philadelphia GOP: SEPTA Strike Hurts Everybody Everyday – Not Just during the Election

Joseph J DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party, issued statement on SEPTA Transit Workers Union Local 234 continuing to strike:

"The people that are hit hardest when SEPTA goes on strike are the ones that can’t afford cabs or to live close enough to walk to work. It’s the poorest Philadelphians who now pay the greatest price. As of now the strike is putting people’s jobs in jeopardy, the very people that are most vulnerable and least equipped to bounce back from something like this.

“Meanwhile, you have Bob Brady rolling up to negotiations in a sweat-suit saying that his main concern is the election next week. Well, here at the Philadelphia Republican Party we have other concerns: Namely, what are those people who have no alternate mode of transport, and who can’t afford to live close to their jobs, supposed to do between now and whenever the Democratic power-brokers decide that enough taxpayer money has been doled out to patch this up?

“Enterprising Philadelphians have responded to this strike with grace and action, filling up their bike tires, downloading Uber and Lyft, and getting moving the way that normal people have to do when there isn’t a pot of other people’s money sitting at the end of the rainbow.”


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