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Ross Feinberg for State Senate Press Release Re Soda Tax

For Immediate Release

Date:  March 14, 2016

Contact:  Ross Feinberg, Republican Candidate for PA 5th Senate District

Cell:  267-261-4721



Ross Feinberg, Republican Candidate for PA 5th Senate District, is vehemently opposed to the Kenney Soda Tax, it was announced today.  Feinberg announced a plan that would replace the Soda Tax with alternative, responsible choices for raising revenue.


"The Kenney Soda Tax is much more than a punitive regressive money bilge," said Feinberg. "I cannot say if this "newly" proposed tax is purposely intended to hurt our working class and low income families or if it is also designed to drive business out of Philadelphia."


"The outcome will be obvious," Feinberg continued. "It will cripple both local business and our residents. Period. The message is clear: Mayor Kenney doesn't care about you nor your employment. Particularly in NE Philly where Pepsi is on Roosevelt Boulevard and North Philly's Coca-Cola Bottling on Erie."


"It would be too easy for me to just criticize the plan. I have solid proposals that will help fund Kenney's broken campaign promises," said Feinberg.


Feinberg also stated the following:


•       There is at least $50 million in the current Philadelphia City Budget Plan that can be line-itemed out due to over allocation, due to stagnant money or monies that are not being properly utilized.


•       The sale of assets like PGW could bring in $100s of millions. PGW barely provides $18 million in dividends to Philadelphia annually.


•       I will draft legislation on a State level that will prevent municipalities from implementing excise taxes or VATs on our people.


•       I will roll out more self-reliant budgetary plans soon that will help Philadelphia replace the Soda Tax and beyond.


•       I will be the voice of reason in Harrisburg


•       I will make the Great Northeast Philadelphia Great Again




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