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Rocky Reprise: Soda Tax Part III

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Rocky Reprise


Philadelphia, PA – “Do you like reachin’ in your pocket and only feelin’ your leg?”  These words were by uttered by George Washington Duke, the Don King like character in Rocky V.  While Duke may have been referring to the plight of the famed down on his luck neighborhood pug, it could have easily been asked today to every taxpaying Philadelphian who struggles each week to make ends meet.  Just this week Mayor Kenney and City Council have put forth extremely aggressive borrowing and spending plans and, wait for it, a new tax.  Just like Rocky reprised his role year after year, it appears the Soda Tax is making its return to the squared circle, however this time it’s the juiced up Ivan Drago version.  Previous versions of the soda tax called for a .5 to 2 cent per ounce tax increase, however this year’s version, proposed yesterday by Mayor Kenney, is asking for 3 cents per ounce.  This could set up an unusual coalition of opponents to fight this increase which would include Teamsters and business owners.


            Kenney has justified this increase by utilizing the dollars gained to pay for Universal Pre K, community schools, recreation and green infrastructure bonds, etc.  His policy director Jim Engler stated, “All the levers have been pulled… [i]t’s and untapped resource that is still out there.”  It appears that the Kenney administration is hell bent on draining every last dollar from hard working Philadelphians to pay for his pet projects.  Well, one thing is for sure, like Rocky, the people of Philadelphia will not go down without a fight, and let’s hope that this sequel will end with the taxpayers’ hands raised in victory.


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