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The Realty Transfer Tax: Council Debates Another Tax Increase

Our statement on members of City Council's Finance Committee voting to increase our real-estate transfer tax: 

“The same week that the City Controller issued a statement that proceeds from the real estate transfer tax have more than doubled in five years – bringing a ‘significant economic benefit for the city’ – City Council has decided to take on a bill to raise that tax even further.”
Rest assured that we will be told that this is a tax only on business and on developers, just as we were told that the soda tax would only impact manufacturers. That this is a crock is readily apparent to anyone who has sat through even a day of Economics 101.”
“Anybody buying or selling a house in Philadelphia – from a retiree who uses the proceeds of a home sale to fund assisted living, to a young family looking to buy their first rowhome – will be negatively impacted by this tax hike.”
“Revenues have increased by more than double in this exact tax over the last 5 years, and yet the tone-deaf members of Council seek to grab more money from the pockets of Philadelphians without any reasoning besides to justify their own existence.”
It is lunacy to see that the only debate we’ve had in Council under Mayor Kenney is where and how to increase taxes on the backs of working Philadelphians. We haven’t heard a peep about our looming pensions crisis, or on how we’re going to reform our Third-World education system and actually give our children a shot at a better life.”
One thing is certain: when you hear a Philadelphia politician say they need more money, take caution. Our Mayor and Council are more interested in funding their own positions than they are in providing services in our city. The answer is always more: more (poorly-run) programs, more money out of our pockets.”
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