Philadelphia GOP: Sanctuary Cities Now Even More Dangerous | Philadelphia Republican City Committee
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Philadelphia GOP: Sanctuary Cities Now Even More Dangerous

“From the release of a child rapist from the Dominican Republican to that of an Italian drug smuggler, Philadelphians have already been put in direct danger by Mayor Kenney’s policy of blocking local law enforcement from participating with federal immigration authorities,” said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. “Nobody really thinks that a policy that shelters illegal immigrants who are also committing crimes in Philadelphia makes us safer – the Mayor’s defense is simply an obfuscation which relies on the patronizing notion that our local police would round up victims and witnesses of crime for deportation, as if that would somehow be beneficial to solving crimes.

            “Now, with President Trump’s welcome announcement that his administration will prioritize fighting this insane and illegal policy – specifically by withholding federal funds – Mayor Kenney now endangers the fiscal health of the city as well. With a rising tax burden and a looming pensions crisis on the horizon, Mayor Kenney appears to govern so much at the whim of the radical Progressive wing of his party that he will forsake the rest of us in the meantime.”

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