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PA Legislature Moves to END Sanctuary Cities

Joseph J DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party, released a statement encouraging the PA State House to pass HB 1885 and end Mayor Kenney's dangerous, inane Sanctuary Cities policy:
"We are heartened to see the PA State Legislature move to punish cities like Philadelphia that flout federal law by shielding convicted criminals from deportation. If you believe our city has enough crime already and that immigration laws should be enforced for people here committing crimes, then you are opposed to Sanctuary Cities. Surely, any victim of a crime caused by the Mayor's policy will be comforted to know they will have means to seek recourse via this bill. More importantly, HB 1885 will shine a spotlight on what this policy really does: ties the hands of local law enforcement from deporting criminals who also happen to be illegal immigrants.
"In case there is any confusion about who is putting the city and its residents in danger, that would be Mayor Kenney -- first, by choosing the shield convicted criminals rather than victims of crime, and now by risking Philadelphia's financial standing in order to preserve this radical and unlawful policy.
"In addition, we oppose the toothless bill that condemns HB 1885 currently making its way through City Council; its only purpose is to ingratiate Council members to the Mayor.
"We look forward to this bill's swift passage in Harrisburg, and urge Mayor Kenney -- once again -- to follow the law, protect his constituents, and restore sanity to his office by reversing Philadelphia's status as a Sanctuary City."


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