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Liberal Misogyny Alive and Well at McGinty HQ

            While Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign has been busily recycling stale party lines of Republicans’ “War on Women,” her campaign chair, former governor Ed Rendell, sounded off on “ugly women” voters in our state today: “There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.” Rendell, not himself renowned for his looks, seemed to display not a hint of self-awareness as he criticized Donald Trump for comments on women’s looks by doing exactly that in an interview with Washington Post reporter Dave Wiegel.

            “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. “It’s not excusable that McGinty’s campaign chairman feels entitled to sound off on women’s appearances even as he critiques Donald Trump for doing just that, without even a sense of the intense hypocrisy he embodies.”

            Rendell is no stranger to sexist commentary. In 2008 he was caught on a hot mic saying that Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano had “no life” because she had chosen not to have a family; in 2013 he called female lawmaker Kelly Ayotte a “dumbbell” for challenging liberal doctrine on gun control. And, of course, his nickname “Fast Eddie” during his time as Mayor of Philadelphia and then Governor was not just earned by his fast and loose approach to ethics, but by a preference, as reported by the Philadelphia Daily News, for “leggy blonds”.

            As for Katie McGinty, her career embodies exactly that “do as I say, not as I do” approach to governance. Heading our state’s Environmental Department, her primary goal was to enrich herself by funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into companies where she made investments; now she claims she’s an advocate for “working families”. Similarly, she trots out “War on Women” language even as she cedes control of her campaign to a man who clearly has cynical views of women voters and their ability to choose candidates based on more than just their looks.

             Manipulating voter coalitions is a particular expertise of the Democratic party, whether it’s assailing opponents of illegal Sanctuary Cities as “anti-immigrant” (when they’re really anti illegal immigration), or attempting to convince women – who have as great a diversity of viewpoints as men do – that their votes are owned by the Democratic party.

            When Katie McGinty says that Pat Toomey is part of an imagined “War on Women,” the message is clear: If you’re a women, you’re not allowed to vote Republican. But when she chooses a campaign chairman who thinks it’s appropriate to demean women as a whole, voters should consider the veracity of the narratives her campaign is built off of. We hope Pennsylvanians male and female alike choose substance and character come November, and join together to reelect Pat Toomey to the Senate. 

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