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Katie McGinty: Corrupt or Just Incompetent?

        When Philly native Katie McGinty comes to town, the welcome wagon just opens up – on the taxpayer’s dime. Earlier this month we learned that when the local Democrats rolled out the red carpet to endorse her at City Hall, she didn’t even bother to pony up the $750 rental fee for the room. Later on, she had to pay.

        Now we hear that on April 6th during the schoolday she took her roadshow to E.W. Rhodes Elementary in Strawberry Mansion – something we were told by the School District was expressly forbidden for candidates. From City School officials: “According to our policy, candidates for elected office...may not visit schools during school hours for personal political purposes.” She was joined there by Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and Councilwoman Helen Gym, presumably people who would know this kind of thing.

        Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican party, responded to the news: “These may sound like minor infractions, but the second time hearing about it in just a few weeks begins to show a pattern. It’s hard to tell who is more lax on the rules: McGinty, or the local Democrats that keep flouting them to support her.”

        McGinty, the target of a previous ethics probe which reached the State Supreme Court, obviously plays fast and loose with ethical standards, which leads us to the question: Is she corrupt or just incompetent? Either way, it seems she’s unfit for office, unless your standards are the same as the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s – in which case she might as well run for Mayor next time around, if she loses this race too.


Screenshots of Katie's school visit:


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