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Illegal Immigrant Criminals Released into Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Joseph J DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party, released a statement in reaction to federal immigration officials re-arresting three criminals previously released due to Mayor Kenney’s Sanctuary Cities policy:

Mayor Kenney’s Sanctuary City policy has led directly to the release of three criminals into our neighborhoods. Luckily, the feds were able to track them down and they will now be deported – though the fact that they were released into our neighborhoods in the first place highlights Mayor Kenney’s policy of ignoring federal law.

A policy of sheltering criminals is not a question of race (one of the three men is an Italian). It isn’t even a question of deportations for the vast majority of illegal immigrants, who since arriving haven’t committed further crimes. It’s about the small percentage of illegal immigrants who participate in criminal activity, whether it’s drug trafficking, petty crime, or more serious violence. The Mayor has mandated that we protect those criminals, over the interests of Philadelphians, so he can placate the radical wing of the ‘Social Justice’ left and advance his own national brand.

From a local level on up, Republicans such as State Rep. Martina White and Senator Pat Toomey have worked to abolish Mayor Kenney’s insane and illegal Sanctuary Cities policy. Senator Toomey’s Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty, under pressure, has said the Mayor should ‘reconsider’ his policy, but has been silent on her own stance.

Democrats from Philadelphia and statewide should make it clear where they stand: with the people of Philadelphia – the potential victims of future crimes – or with the Mayor, who seeks to keep criminals in our city and favors open borders even for convicts.


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