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Feinberg for Senate: Stop the Insanity

For Immediate Release
March 3rd 2016
Ross Feinberg
Republican Candidate 
5th Senatorial District 
Ross Feinberg wants this insanity to stop. "Mayor Kenney again proves that he's not a man of the people". "He's attempting a slight of hand trick on Philly residents and we have to stop him"
"The regressive tax that newly elected mayor Jim Kenney is trying to impose will not only hurt low income families, the money he says he'll raise is optimistic at best". 
Feinberg goes on to state that "Running for State Senate I still represent Northeast Philadelphia. The notion that the beverage companies are to absorb this tax while keeping retail cost stability is unrealistic.". "Our own Pepsi Bottling Group on Roosevelt Blvd employs our neighbors and our family members." "The Democrats claim they want attract businesses into our communities yet they want to make it impossible to do business here". 
Ross ended with "We can't even pass a fiscally responsible budget in Harrisburg. The City of Philadelphia, being the poorest big city in American, has become oppressive with taxes. This Kenney Soda Tax is the last straw for me and it should be for everyone. I will take my leadership ability and help show the way towards financial stability and growth. It's time for us to take a stand and make the changes we need to make the Great Northeast Philadelphia great again."  
Ross Feinberg
Candidate for State Senate 
District 5
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