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2nd Congressional Candidate James Jones Press Release

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March 4, 2016

Jones Engaging with Democrat Primary Voters in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA --- James Jones, the unopposed Republican Candidate, is embraced by the African American Community, by his first political and public engagement at the African American Museum Black Voters Matter 2nd Congressional Candidates Forum on March 3, 2016.

“It was a great opportunity to allow the people of the 2nd Congressional District to take a strong look at me as a candidate who supports economic equality, integrity, education, reducing crime violence, and entrepreneurial programs, said Jones.”  

“While I believe that Black Voters matter, I also believe black voter frustration has spilled into their considerations of a Republican candidate in a predominately democrat district. Attendees thanked me for being among the candidates to consider as their next Congressman, and they encouraged me to keep up the good work. It was a great opportunity to get in front of an audience that is not used to hearing Republican viewpoints.  I believe I was able to bestow upon the audience the importance of having a voice in the Majority Party.  As someone that is used to being a minority, both in my party and in the City as a Republican, I have the unique understanding to do what it takes to reach compromise.  We have seen Majorities in both Harrisburg and Washington that has led to gridlock.  If the voters elect me, I will bring commonsense solutions to Washington and embrace the spirit of compromise by reaching across the aisle to stop all the partisan infighting.  The 2nd congressional District is one of the poorest in the Country, and it has been underrepresented for decades.  I hope the voters realize this and decide to something different this November and vote for James Jones.”




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